D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 Review

D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 Dog Run FenceCompared to other ordinary DIY dog fence systems, there are exceptional and new features that make Perimeter Technologies’ dog fences. The D.E. Systems Border Patrol electric fence is designed specifically to acquire the best and most durable dog run fence suited for all around functionalities of this specific dog fence system. Apart from these one of a kind features, the system also come with a small receiver that works best with the whole signalling system.

The whole system is designed for the security and comfort of your precious canine in the house. Together with those amazing features which are mentioned earlier, here are the other features of the Perimeter Technologies that you should grab and never missed:

    • Low interference by Dual frequency

It is a common scenario in the neighbourhood that one also owns another kind of electric generated dog fence system. However, an issue may arise because of this. There is a possibility that the perimeter wires which are located near it can cause interference in the signals. In other words, there is the tendency of activation of the receiver even it is not needed. Aside from that, chance of the creation of the dead spots. In order to address this issue, the wires are being gapped for about 4 to 10ft apart from each other.

    • Handy receiver collar

Every user is ensured with a complete lightweight as well as compact receiver collar included in the kit. It weighs around 1.1 pound and has a very adjustable nylon band with buckle made of plastic. With this kit, the user can release easily their dogs. Aside from that, it can be also handy for those who own small dogs or puppies. Patrolling your dogs can be convenient as ever. Moreover, these collars are waterproof; you don’t have to look for any external button on it.

Smart features

        • The following are the reasons why it becomes one of the most efficient products on dog fence industry.
      • Temp Check

This feature helps in maintaining the level of the stability of its field width despite of the changes in temperature.

      • Wire check

This is designed to make the system work even the wires are damaged.

      • Battery check

This features let you monitor your usage of your battery every 2 hours of the day. It consists of three low-battery trigger in succession that will keep the users alert of the status of the battery. It particularly uses Lithium-ion batteries which is irreplaceable.

      • 5 correction level options of programming

By this features, the users can really optimized and utilized the operation in programming.

      • Anti-linger warning

This will keep your dogs from going into certain warning zones. With this technique draining of batteries is prevented.

      • Ultra installation of wires

It has 18-gauge 500 inches wire which is stronger than the average 20 gauge. Therefore buying this product is not a waste of money but rather maximizing the potential of your investment.

      • Protection against external surge

This is to make sure the safety to the electrical surges which is the often cause by lightning strikes or even main power.

      • Low capacity

This is great news for the owner who has small properties only. This system capacity can only cover for about 5 acre border.
The reliability and excellence of the brand is perfect for everyone who looks for new technology for their dogs. Be amazed of the features that it will bring to your beloved dogs.