Petsafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence Review

Looking for useful information about dog fence ideas? With this Pet safe Stay N Play Wireless Fence Review, you have found what you’ve been looking for.

On Features and Specifications

Features and specifications of this product are both ideal and perfect for your pets. It is exactly suited for big dogs as well as pets with poor levels of reactiveness. Why do you need to stick with the older type of product by which you can obtain tons of benefits with the right one? This wireless fence for your pet comes with a spreader loss collar alarm, smaller transmitter & collar, and rechargeable neckline. There is nothing to worry about those entangling wires because this technology does not use much of them.

Pros of Pet safe Stay N Play Wireless Fence

    • Petsafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless FenceThe wireless collar of this product is exactly designed to fit onto pets weighing 12 lbs. When you compare it with other wireless collars, you will notice that this is smaller. This measures 6-inch to 23-inch. The design of this collar follow the curve your pet’s neck. Because of this feature, it is easily fitted to the neck of your pet. The contact points are impeccable because it gives comfort to your dogs.
    • This collar comes with a battery rechargeable that is more practical with regards to cost and convenience. Pet safe Stay N Play Wireless Fence promotes an eco-friendly environment. The re-charging time with this product takes only 2 hours. Once it is fully-charged, it will last for around 2 weeks with consistent use. When you use this product you are into the wellness of your pups. At the same time, you are helping the Mother Earth.
    • This wireless dog fence is an integral part of the unique Pet safe Wireless Control Transmitter and Receiver. It provides five static correction levels, which starts from the average – high all the way to the high level. This level of correction is very strong as compared to the ordinary pet collar fence because it is smartly designed for highly-trained pets. This is also suited for pets that have low pain tolerance. It encompasses vibration that would truly help old and impaired dogs. Moreover, it can serve later as a correction static in case that your pets are in the moment of rest or activity.
    • Pet safe Stay N Play Wireless Fence is a system that does not have a property to establish systems of in-ground wires. Instead, it produces a form of circular boundary with an extreme 210 feet diameter or about 105 ranges. This is perfect if you want to have more limits for a rectangular area to be covered. It will also enhance more play-and-stay moments for your pups that can edge the remaining one to create a bigger area.
    • The wireless pet fences are less consistent as compared to the ordinary one. Its limits have greater chances of shake durability.

Pet safe Stay N Play Wireless Fence is good for those people who are going to relocate or rent another residence. This will be advantage even in urban homes or small residential areas where connection may not be possible.