PetSafe Stubborn Dog System PIG00-10777 product kit

PetSafe Stubborn Dog System PIG00-10777 Review

The system of PetSafe Stubborn Dog is intended for big dogs that weigh about 100 lbs. Dogs that are also raised in low sensitivity pain are also among the most appropriate pups for this type of system. It provides comfortable dog collar. The purpose of this system is to ensure that your dog will not get lost and astray. The collar of this technology is very stronger than any other electric collar fence. This system is well-matched with other Pet safe collars. It provides usefulness in the household of multi-dog in spite of dog’s size differences.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog invisible fence system is considered to be a strong, accessible collar that can be found in the market. This dog collar has a very high correction level as compared to any type of the system with DIY dog barriers. This product’s Dog Correction Collars are 3 times stronger than usual electric dog collar fence receiver.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog System PIG00-1077 features

Generic and disposable battery with a 9 volts power capacity

With regards to cost and convenience, it is better to use a dog collar that is rechargeable. This system uses 9 volts of battery, which you can recharge easily. This is an eco-friendly collar. It can last for around three months in regular use. The use of battery for this product can be found easily. You don’t need to find some other stores just to get the battery for your dog’s collar.

Brick, Heavy and Large-Like Collar

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog System PIG00-1077 collar is 100% waterproof and durable. It is very boxy, heavy, and large.

PIRF Compatibility: 100 Wireless Interior Pet Fence

The collar fence system works with spreader of PetSafe Interior Pet Fence. Using the same idea in the system of fence, its collar responds to the signal from a small spreader. This can maintain your dog out and away from the certain home area.

It encompasses External Flow Protection

PetSafe Stubborn Dog System PIG00-1077 fence has a factory flow protector. It has ports in the wire perimeter in addition to the supply power cord. Through this, you can keep it against the main power fluctuations in case near raids of lightning occur.

Compatibility to other Pet Safe In-Ground Fence Collar

This fence is well-matched with other collars such as Elite Little Dog invisible fence and cat Collar Fence. This type of inter-compatibility is convenient. This is a unique structure of electric PetSafe dog barriers. With it, the collar makes a good household choice especially to those owners having more than 1 dog with different sizes.

Dog collar systems have never been this innovative. The value it provides is extremely reasonable for every dog owner who desires a satisfying purchase. PetSafe Stubborn Dog invisible fence system is the solution to calm your stubborn dogs. You don’t need to be worried of the circumstance that your dog will escape from your homes. Have you been using this product? If not You better purchase one now and experience the convenience you’ve never had before.