Petsafe Yardmax PIG00-11115 Review

Petsafe Yardmax PIG00-11115

Did you know that you can keep your dog from going out your property? Well, it will be headache to someone most especially when your neighbors have complaints about your dog. Dogs are always dog but it doesn’t mean that you still be having headaches because of your dog. Don’t be carried away by this dog problem. So solved this all at once and let Yardmax be the one to give you the best solution.

Knowing more about the Product

The PIG00-11115 is just one of the great dog fences that you should install in your property. As this product is being created to utilize the “infinite zone technology” it also means that its installation can be just a “do it yourself” project. Like others, it also comes with the wire that you need to install plus its great collar. It has also its pet barrier compatibility and to make sure that it fits with your dog, it has a collar fit test. These wires send away the signal in one great direction only.

It also has a correction system that guarantees the safety of your dog and timeout in every fifteen seconds.

What can you expect from this system?

With all those main features stated above, you can already expect to have peace of mind most especially as you have thought of the safety of your dog. There is really nothing to worry about because there are great things that you can expect from this in-ground fence system. Are you ready to know more about it?

To know more, here are the following:

  • Its transmitter is easy to use. With its small in size, this transmitter is just easy to set-up depending on your preferences or if you like, you can still set it in the traditional mode.
  • It has small and lightweight collar. Aside from this, it is also adjustable in its strength settings. It is also replaceable, giving your dog a nice and clean collar.
  • Its collar also comes with Fit and Ready Test. This test will automatically beep to let you know if the collar had properly fitted our dog’s neck or not.
  • It has a rechargeable collar. The kit for this fence system already comes with a charging adaptor. The collar will consume two hours to have it fully charged.
  • It has a compatibility feature for Pawz Away Pet Barriers. The collar is just the perfect match for this low gate. It is just the same with the fenced perimeter.
  • It has a great installation supplies. The kit comes with a manufacturer’s grade wire that is used to have an ease in connecting to the transmitter.

These are the great things that you should watch out from this system. It is just good for you to be a wise purchaser. Well, aside from the fact that you want it because of preventing a runaway dog, you are still concern about its own safety. Choose the fence system that will give you what you need and want for the safety of your dog. Thanks to PetSafe because they created this fence system.