Sportdog SDF-100A Fence for Dogs Review

Sportdog SDF-100AIt is really great to have a super active and sporty dog in your house. Its playfulness will really fades away the stress from work. Their behavior is like a virus that can affect you to become active as well. It is for sure that there will always be fun in the house whenever you have great time to bond with your dog. But it doesn’t mean that they are active, they don’t have this naughty behavior. Just like the other dogs, everyone can guess that you want to keep your dog from running away from home. Prevent this with Sportdog fence system.

What is this fence system?

This sdf-100 is another great fence for dogs available on the market today. Great thing for this fencing system is that it has 100 acre capacity. Do you know what it means? It means that this system has a wider range of coverage, making it just the right one to cover for your property. It also comes with a waterproof and durable collar that comes with a waterproofing warning and a great vibration. This collar is safe for dogs not more than 20 pounds, most especially to those that weigh 10 pounds.

What can you get from this fencing system?

There are a lot of things that you can get from sdf-100a. Well, the things that are stated above are just the beginning of the great things from this. The creator of this system have make sure that your dog will never left your property plus it will be safe in using this collar. In terms of the price, well, it is not that expensive that you and other people have ever thought of. It is because it is made available at a very reasonable price.

To give you the top reasons to purchase this, here are the following things that you can get from them:

    • It includes the great wire for Installation Supplies. Its wire is not that hard to install. It is because it is just lightweight and is also cheap in price.
    • It has level, vibrate and correction of tone settings. These settings are sure to perfectly fit the activeness of your dog. There are four correction tones that will really correct your dog’s behavior. The vibration setting is also the best in this system because it can also help dogs that have impaired in hearing.
    • It is capable of covering 100 acre of property. This is the biggest and widest feature that this fence system can ever give to you. That is why this is popularly chosen by others most especially to those with large properties.
    • It also includes contact points. These contact points comes with long and short in sizes. This is truly the best feature included in the kit.
    • It has generic volt battery. The collar’s battery has a longer lifespan so you are guaranteed that it will not be soon until you need change the battery.
    • It is compatible with in-ground fence collars. This is best for those people who have an active small dog in their large properties.

These are the great things that you should look forward in this fencing system. So don’t worry for runaway dog problems because PetSafe will help you solve it.